Sebaq El Eyal


Compete in the Misfits Run (Sebaq El Eyal) with players from around the world in the best online multiplayer action game – Misfits Race, join others in wild adrenaline packed races! The race is on! Are you up for it?

Meet the gang of misfits and take on all that stands in your way in this new fun running game! Race against your friends or other misfits in a cool, addictive experience, and blast them away using obstacles, cool weapons, or by unleashing your misfit’s special ability and wreaking havoc upon your rivals! Ready…Steady….Blast Away!

Tons of cool features including:
  • Offline mode, no connection? No worries! The fun continues with single player races!
  • Multiplayer Ranked games, reach the top of the leaderboard by competing against players in multiplayer games. SHOW THEM WHOS BOSS!
  • Reach Fame and Fortune, add your instagram handle in your profile and it will appear in the leaderboard and become a living legend!
  • Multiple Weapon skins, Destroy your enemies in style!
  • Character customization- customize your misfit and dress to impress