The first Carrom in Arabic Rules is now available on stores! Download it now and challenge your


Now with the new voice chat! Meet new people and play with your friends now!

Play with your friends in real time! Add powder to the board, and take on your competition!

Collect special strikers and pucks and compete in leaderboards!

Distinguish yourself with VIP Carrom:

Make new friends with high quality voice chat

  • Participate in bigger challenges and double your rewards
  • Create your own album to show people who you are
  • Distinguish yourself in chat with exquisite frames & amazing colors for your name
  • Many other special features only in VIP carrom
  • Adding friends
  • Competitive modes
  • Battle against bots in Offline Single Player and 2 players on the same device
  • Compete with friends or strangers in Online Multiplayer
  • Invite and play with your friends
  • Unlock and choose from a variety of Characters, Themes, Pucks, and Strikers
  • Adding powder to the board

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